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Plisse and cel Blinds

It is a modern blind that pulls up all the way like a roller blind, but pleated and not taking up much space.

Plisse is a single material, as to the cel blind is a double material forming a honeycomb.

High-quality fabrics available.
Available in different shapes and also for skylights.


Roller blinds are a very stylish solution for any homeowner. There is a wide range of designs, textures and materials available from block out to transparent, sunshades to double rollers and much more.

A solution to every problem.


Ideal for doors, available in a standard panel blind up to a maximum of 6 side stack panels and 12 bi-part panels.

It is a modern blind sliding either to one side or both side, not moving up or down.
Also available in the panel vertical blind, its vertical panels of 250mm each twisting open and sliding to the sides.

A wide range of designs, textures and material available.


Horisontal blinds are very versatile blinds, providing homeowners with the ability to control privacy and light.

Available in wood (with UV protection) high-quality blind, aluminium and bamboo

Very easy to use


Add a classy and graceful finish to any room. Wide range of colours, textures and materials available in Roman blinds.


Available in roll-up and roman style blinds and also in 50mm horisontal blinds. Bamboo blinds is a natural earthy product.

Quality Guaranteed


Shutters are a low maintenance, classy, alternative covering for windows and doors. Shutters are no longer used just to increase the privacy in a home, improve security or to filter sunlight into a room; these high quality shutters are now in demand as a design statement by interior designers and home owners looking to add style and value to their home, or property.

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Blinds can be operated using motorised systems from wall switch or remote control systems.

We are proudly using two types of motors

  • Somfy
  • Elettrico


Vertical Blinds have a reputation of being inexpensive (cheap), however, in the last few years, it is emerging with higher specifications and new fabrics. Bottom chain is no longer necessary.

Affordable window coverings

Available and standard verticals and wave blinds.


Wide range of customized awnings available in aluminium and canvas

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